Why Choose Third Coast Higher Education

Why Collaborate with Third Coast Higher Education

Even the most effective admission or financial aid office can benefit from collaboration with Third Coast Higher Education. The day-to-day pressures and responsibilities of these important operations takes so much time that the ongoing assessment and improvement activities do not receive the full attention. Third Coast associates can guide the campus by helping to address areas of weakness, seizing opportunities for improvement in the strategy, operation and technology.





Third Coast Higher Education Success Stories

Third Coast Higher Education has been privileged to have a variety of experiences with colleges and universities, including:

  • Reimplementation of Banner, Colleague and PowerFAIDS financial aid systems, to remap the entire operation and transition the financial aid offices from manual to automated processes
  • Implemented five-year enrollment plans for private institutions, to reverse enrollment losses and stabilize the admission
  • Guided multiple institutions through successful federal program reviews, including complete file rebuilds
  • Implemented PeopleSoft Financial Aid and Ellucian Recruiter CRM by breaking down the entire functions and developing processes that best utilize the tools of the software
  • Provided change management to assist multiple campus operations to centralize and standardize operations and systems

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