Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Whether it is an enterprise solution or a stand-alone module, nearly all Financial Aid Offices use a system to handle financial aid processes. The ironic reality is that the Financial Aid Office is typically not staffed with the expertise to understand how to best utilize the capabilities of the system. Either the initial implementation was performed in a “vanilla” fashion to perform only the most basic functions or the system has merely been maintained year-to-year without considering different approaches to accommodate the changing service and business process needs.

The knowledge that Third Coast consultants possess as practitioners allows us to find ways to automates day-to-day tasks and process aid quickly and equitably. The goal is for financial aid administrators to focus on more critical matters, such as providing better service to students. And with flexible capabilities in place to create, manage, and monitor award packages, an institution can meet its strategic goals and priorities more effectively while meeting your students’ financial needs.

Third Coast performs effectiveness assessments of student information systems to look for opportunities and capabilities not being utilized, with a specific eye to finding ways to use the tools to improve the overall operations of the office and in the process, improve the service to your students.

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