Interim Financial Aid Staffing

Interim Financial Aid Staffing

Sudden changes in management of the financial aid office are a fact of life, as is the reality that most offices are not staffed to have a person who can step in on an interim basis. As financial aid professionals, Third Coast consultants are ready to step in and keep the office running smoothly during the transition period. The Third Coast advantage is to combine assessment and improvement activities with our interim staffing duties. For any incoming Director or Dean of Financial Aid, taking the reins with a assessment report in hand helps to make the transition as smooth. As a Vice President of Enrollment, assessment performed during interim staffing provides a valuable glimpse into the activities of the financial aid office and strengthens to the teamwork with the new leadership.

As current financial aid professionals, Third Coast Higher Education understand the currently regulatory and compliance environment, strategic use of institutional financial aid, as well as our in-depth understanding of the best ways to use the financial aid systems to improve the processes and services. Rather than viewing the interim staff period as neutral, Third Coast Higher Education consultants are able to make the transition an overall positive for the institution.

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