Financial Aid System Revitalization

Financial Aid Systems Revitalization

Many Financial Aid Offices are using their financial aid system adequately, but not taking advantage of the full automation and operational capabilities.

Third Coast Higher Education can conduct a “health check” so the Financial Aid Office can best utilize:

  • Banner®
  • Colleague®
  • PowerFAIDS®
  • PeopleSoft®

Collaborate with Third Coast Higher Education for a Financial Aid System Revitalization to improve service to students and compliance with regulations, without adding more work for the Financial Aid staff.

A System Revitalization typically includes these activities:

  • Assessment of the current financial aid operation and utilization of the financial aid system processes
  • Development of system and business process recommendations
  • Creation of set-up, rules, population selections and automated financial aid routines
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer to Financial Aid staff

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