Financial Aid Communications and Admissions CRM Utilization

Communications Development and CRM Implementation

By reviewing and developing an enhanced communication plan, including improved web and social media functions and assisting to build out your existing or planned acquisition of a CRM, your school can improve service to students without any additional efforts by staff. It is our goal to build student-centric admission and financial aid offices through development of key self-service, communications and counseling services.   This includes coordinating digital marketing and messages across the web, social media and even mobile channels. Promoting clear and consistent guidance and messages across all communications and social media engages the student and assists in building the partnership necessary for a student to enroll and graduate from the institution.

Though the communication functions are improved through implementation of a CRM platform, all schools can make better use of their systems to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of all messages, including financial aid. Third Coast partners with campus functional leaders and with marketing to guide a successful improvement strategy for student communications.

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