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Financial Aid offices face a number of challenges every day, reacting to the dynamic nature of federal and state regulations and law, as well as the higher education market. Unfortunately, the focus needed to look forward, as well as run offices and remain fully compliant, often occupies more attention of the management team than there is time for. This does not leave much consideration for business process improvements, as they become an afterthought. Third Coast Higher Education associates can assist Admissions and Financial aid offices by guiding a number of process improvements, through evaluation and assessment of operations, training of staff and integration and best practice utilization of student information systems.

Third Coast Higher Education is somewhat unique among financial aid consulting firms, by employing an assessment-focused approach to all of our services.  As active financial aid professionals, Third Coast does not merely review your business process and provide suggestions that will ultimately be ignored, due to lack of time and experience by current staff to implement. Instead, Third Coast Higher Education caters each engagement to provide you with recommendations and solutions that fit your institution and we can provide the resources and support to allow you to implement real and necessary change. Third Coast Higher Education consultants bring the combined knowledge from more than 40 years of experience in Financial Aid management and are experts in financial aid operations, systems, training and compliance.

A Word from the President

I started Third Coast with the vision of delivering a client-focused approach to enrollment management solutions. We want to be the consultants who speak your language and listen to who you are and what you need – no cookie cutter approaches, but with the experience and skill to provide thorough and expedient solutions. As a former Financial Aid Administrator, I know what it can be like working on the school side and that is what Third Coast will bring to your campus – our administrator and consultant experiences with an understanding of what makes your institution unique (both in its strengths and challenges). We understand enrollment and retention goals, financial aid regulation, compliance, technology and business processing solutions and work as consultants that have the confidence and skills to help you take the steps needed to stay ahead of the game, get you up to speed or keep you compliant. We want to be partners in your successes.